Welcome to Huaptec online store! Our cell phone signal boosters support all major mobile networks and provide smooth voice service and excellent data speeds for any mobile operator.  

There're three product categories to choose from:
1) Consumer cell phone signal boosters are for personal use. These systems guarantee effective coverage enhancement all around your home or office.  
2) Industrial boosters are meant for mobile operators. It's powerful professional equipment used to spread providers’ networks over kilometers of out-of-coverage zones. 
3) You can improve your signal booster or change any part of the system with antennas and accessories

Home & Office Boosters

Home & Office Boosters

Single Bands for Voice

Single Bands GSM/EGSM 900, Single Bands GSM/DCS 1800, Dual Bands GSM900+ GSM/DCS1800

Tri/Five Bands Voice+3G+LTE

Tribands GSM+3G+4G, Five Bands 2G(900/1800) + 3G + 4G(800/1800/2600)

Single Bands for 3G

3G Single Bands

Single Bands for 4G/LTE

LTE1800 Boosters, LTE 800 Boosters, LTE 2600 Boosters

Dual Bands Voice+3G/LTE

Dual Bands GSM/EGSM+3G, Dual Bands GSM/EGSM+ LTE1800

Dualbands LTE+3G/ LTE

Dual Bands LTE1800 + 3G, Dual Bands LTE800+LTE2600