4G Boosters

If you can’t catch 4G cellular signal on your mobile phone or 4G data speed downloading leaves much to be desired, Huaptec LTE 4G signal booster is your effective signal solution! Boosters of this kind improve 4G coverage and guarantee uninterruptable LTE network in your area. 
Huaptec 4G signal repeaters function at LTE 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz frequencies. These are main 4G signal standards, which mobile operators support in Europe and worldwide.

Choose LTE 4G signal repeater exactly for your area and operator in the catalogue below.


LTE1800 Boosters

HiBoost Hi23-LTE1800
4G Mobile Signal Booster  HiBoost
LTE 1800 MHz Booster for 4G Data
3000m2 4G
1330 $

LTE 800 Boosters

HiBoost Hi13-LTE800
4G amplifier
LTE 800 MHz Booster for 4G Data
500m2 4G
456 $
HiBoost Hi23-LTE800
Signal amplifier for 4G
4G LTE Data Booster HiBoost
3000m2 4G
1390 $

LTE 2600 Boosters

HiBoost Hi13-LTE2600
4G Repeater for home
LTE 2600 MHz Booster for 4G Data + Kit
500m2 4G
456 $
HiBoost Hi20-LTE2600
4G signal booster
LTE 2600 MHz Repeater for 4G Data + Kit
2000m2 4G
1056 $
HiBoost Hi23-LTE2600
Signal amplifier for 4G
LTE 2600 MHz Repeater for 4G Data + Kit
3000m2 4G
1392 $

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