Frequencies for EE Limited

Every British for sure knows what EE is. No wonder: this so much rapidly growing provider now reaches almost every corner in the UK. See for yourself: 4G EE network covers more than 97% of all people in the country (this is why the company is the largest 4G provider in Europe). Other figures are also impressive. 98% of the population are covered with 3G signal and with 2G - even more than 99%!

But even such huge operator has coverage problems. It’s not because they cannot provide everyone with good EE service. There are some other reasons that depend on location of base towers, peculiarities of buildings, etc. As a result EE signal gets weaker and subscribers suffer poor connections.

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EE was founded in 2010 after two big companies – Deutsche Telecom and Orange S.A. – decided to establish a joint venture with half/half rights. This all was completely announced on April, 1 the same year. A month and a half later the name appeared – Everything Everywhere.

The company headquarter is located in Hatfield - a small town in the UK. It also has offices in other towns and cities, including, of course, London. The whole number of subscribers at the moment is over 30 million.

EE mobile network frequencies

Being a crucial player in the mobile market in the UK, EE, obviously, runs on basic 2G, 3G and 4G frequencies.

2G/GSM network runs on GSM 1800 MHz.

It spreads voice signal (calls, SMS, MMS). This frequency is used by carriers as a second one because of too much traffic on GSM 900. Don’t be surprised that majority of mobile providers runs on this network.

3G/UMTS network runs on UMTS 2100 MHz.

It spreads voice signal (call, SMS, MMS) and mobile Internet data on 3G frequencies. UMTS 2100 is a good network for urban areas.

4G/LTE network runs on 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz.

It spreads high-speed mobile Internet data on basic 4G frequencies. LTE 1800 and 2600 are basically available in urban areas while LTE 800 can be used out of town.

This is where EE can proudly announce itself a leader. The company was the first in Europe that stepped over a great landmark - more than 12 million customers who use 4G Internet. In 2016 EE was given Fastest Mobile Network Award. Moreover, tests showed that EE 4G is 50% faster than any other providers’ 4G in the UK.

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