Frequencies for mobile operators in Belgium

Small in territory Belgium is not small in terms of population – more than 11 million people. However, penetration rate of mobile networks is even higher – more than 14 million subscribers. Thus, it is about 125%.

There are three key players in the mobile market of the country. They are Proximus, Orange and Base. All others operators buy access from these providers. So, it can be stated that mobile coverage in Belgium is really high. But, as it happens, subscribers sometimes at some places can’t make decent calls (or have access to Internet) due to weak Proximus (Orange, Base) signal.

How to amplify poor mobile signal in Belgium? Are there any ways out? Yes, sure, this is the case where signal repeaters from Huaptec will help.

Shortly about mobile carriers in Belgium

Proximus is the largest mobile provider that has approximately 45% of the market. It also has very good 3G coverage - 94% of the country.

Orange is the second largest mobile company that is a real competitor to Proximus, as the numbers of their subscribers are close to each other. However, this mobile network has 99% of 3G coverage and 99% of 4G coverage.

Base with approximately 3.5 million subscribers holds the third place in the market. But, despite this, it has almost perfect 3G coverage – 99,9%, and not bad 4G coverage – 92%.


Mobile network frequencies in Belgium

GSM 900/1800 MHz

All three mobile providers support these frequencies for voice and SMS/MMS transmission. If you have weak Proximus, Orange or Base mobile signal, find your mobile signal booster here and forget about any troubles with mobile service.

UMTS 900/2100 MHz

Widely used (especially 2100 MHz) frequencies for 3G transmission. Supported by all three carriers. Poor 3G service is your case in Belgium? Then go here and find your booster for 3G amplification.

LTE 800/1800 MHz

These frequencies are used by Proximus, Orange and Base for 4G transmission. Despite the fact that some operators cover 99% of the country with this superfast Internet, some subscribers still may have weak signal. If this is your case, we are glad to help you! Just choose the booster that will amplify your poor signal in Belgium.

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