Frequencies for mobile operators in Denmark

Denmark, being not a big country with population of about 6 million people, has more than 8 million mobile subscribers. Thus, penetration rate is more than 140%.

All this may be explained by the fact that 4 mobile carriers operate in the country. They are TDC, Telenor, Telia and Hutchison 3. Of course, they do their best to provide every subscriber with clear and stable signal in every corner of the country. But, as it often happens, there is a possibility to get weak TDC (Telenor, Telia, Hutchison 3) mobile signal. And the truth is that you are almost the only one who can improve the situation.

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Shortly about mobile carriers in Denmark

TDC is the largest telephone company in the country. The whole number of its customers is over 8 million people (not only mobile service, but broadband and television as well).

Telenor (formerly Sonofon) is the second largest mobile network with almost 2 million subscribers.

Telia is the third largest mobile network in Denmark with more than 1.5 million subscribers. Thus, as it is seen, Telenor and Telia have approximately the same numbers - the fact that one more time underlines their fierce competition for customers.

Hutchison 3, having slightly above 1 million subscribers, is at the end of the list.

Mobile network frequencies in Denmark

GSM 900/1800 MHz

Due to GSM signal voice transmission as well as SMM/MMS are possible.

Three largest Danish providers run on these frequencies for voice transmission. If you have weak TDC, Telenor or Telia GSM signal, please, find your booster here, obtain it and enjoy amplified mobile service at your place.

UMTS 2100 MHz

3G signal transmission is possible on this frequency. All 4 Danish operators use it for 3G mobile Internet. Moreover, TDC and Hutchison 3 also use UMTS 900 MHz. Amplify your poor signal with 3G HiBoost models.


These frequencies are used for 4G transmission. Danish mobile carriers run on different ones. Thus, TDC uses 800/2600 MHz; Telenor – 800/1800 MHz; Telia as well as Hutchison 3 – 1800/2600 MHz. Find your booster and improve your 4G service in Denmark with HiBoost 4G repeaters.

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