Frequencies for Meteor

Meteor operator is hardly known to people all over the world. The reason is rather simple: it is wholly Irish operator. We cannot say that this provider holds leading positions in the region. But at the same time we cannot say that it is a small and irrelevant player. As of June 2016, it had a little bit more than 1 million subscribers what composes almost 20% of the Irish population.

Meteor is a private mobile telecommunication company with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Now it is a subsidiary of Eir – Irish telecoms network. So out of three Irish operators (apart from it there are also Vodafone and Three) it is the only Irish owned mobile carrier.

Meteor network has 99% population coverage across the country. No doubts, it’s impressive. But still, not every time subscribers get good Meteor service. It may be due to location of base towers, peculiarities of buildings, etc. As a result, signal gets weaker what, you should agree, no one likes.

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Meteor mobile network frequencies

The operator uses all basic frequencies.

2G/GSM network allows having voice signal as well as SMS/MMS

  • 900 MHz
  • 1800 MHz

Almost all operators in the world use the first one. As it is really overloaded, this is where the second frequency helps.

3G/UMTS network brings you the possibility to use fast 3G Internet as well as make calls (SMS/MMS).

  • 900 MHz
  • 2100 MHz

The second one is used by majority of operators. What is typical for it is that mostly operators run on this frequency in urban areas, while the first one is used in rural areas.

4G/LTE network is all you dream about: superfast Internet data.

  • 800 MHz
  • 1800 MHz

The second one is mainly used in urban areas while the first one is predominantly typical for rural regions.

Interesting facts

Meteor operator is planning to cover with 4G network almost 95% of the population by April 2017.

Meteor was voted fastest mobile data network of Ireland at the Switcher Award 2016.

Now Meteor network includes 9 million calls, 12 million texts and 80 000 GB data every day!


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