Frequencies for O2

Owned by the Spanish multinational Telefonica O2 is one of the biggest operators in the UK. It has about 25 million customers – the second result in the Kingdom after a giant EE Limited. Moreover, the company can proudly name itself a leader in satisfaction criteria – the survey showed the highest one in comparison with other operators. And this happened 7 times in a row! O2 runs all major networks such as 2G, 3G and 4G.

But it happens that sometimes O2 signal can be weak. Reasons for it are different. It’s not always operator’s fault, of course.  But the fact is O2 network cannot provide subscribers with good signal all the time and everywhere. In this case all you need is to enhance signal so it will be clear and stable. This is where Huaptec boosters help.

O2 mobile network frequencies

The operator uses all basic mobile frequencies.

2G/GSM network gives the possibility to make calls (SMS, MMS).

  • 900 MHz
  • 1800 MHz

These two frequencies are basic ones. They are used almost by all operators in the world.

3G/UMTS network gives the possibility to make calls (SMS, MMS) and get 3G mobile data.

  • 900 MHz (mostly for rural areas)
  • 2100 MHz (mostly for urban areas)

4G/LTE network gives the possibility to have high-speed data.

  • 800 MHz (may be used out of town)
  • 1800 MHz (mostly in urban areas)

Interesting facts

Probably, it will sound surprisingly, but it is a fact: the company demonstrated 4G connection with LTE frequencies in 2009 – impressive result given that 4G is a young network.

In 2012 the company decided to make one more big step – the plans were announced to give free Wi-Fi Internet to residents and visitors of Central London by starting the largest Wi-Fi zone in Europe. What is interesting that it was free. Also free access was given to customers of any network in and nearby any retail store of the company.


If O2 is your operator, but you have troubles with mobile signal, we’ll definitely can help you with signal improvement. We will find you the booster that best meets your needs!