Repeaters for Industrial Use

Ready-made Industrial Solutions

Huaptec industrial boosters are professional systems of high-standard industrial level design. They provide mobile signal enhancement over kilometers of out-of-coverage urban and rural areas and cover large indoor constructions such as subways, business centers, shopping malls, etc. The equipment complies with ETSI and 3GPP 3GPP2 technical standards and has CE and RoHS certifications of the conformity to the European quality and safety legislations.   

SAW Filter Technology

Huaptec industrial cell phone repeaters are empowered by SAW filter technology. Thanks to this feature, the industrial equipment improves signals of a particular mobile operator and doesn’t interfere with the networks of its competitors. The work on specific bandwidths also deafens the noise and gets it decreased up to the lowest level possible. 

Analog & Digital

Industrial booster solutions are presented by analog and digital mobile repeaters.

Analog solutions get tuned to a fixed bandwidth of the operator. It means once adjusted the working frequencies can’t be changed.

Digital industrial boosters adopt software defined radio technology (SDR), which makes it flexible and easy to manage by the software. In other words if the operator changes or broadens the adjusted network, the repeater will automatically readjust it.  

Remote Control

Industrial booster solutions have an advanced OMT and OMC functions of remote control. These are software which allow to control and adjust up to 2000 boosters at a distance. Remote control is optional and is installed upon client request. Please contact our Huaptec Expert Team if you have any questions.