Choose the right mobile signal repeater

How to choose the right mobile signal repeater

The problem of bad mobile signal is familiar to many people. Fortunately, this is not the case when you need to suffer from it. Our solutions – mobile phone signal boosters – will help you to handle poor coverage. In order to completely solve it, you need to make a few, but important steps. Follow them, and you’ll get good mobile signal with the help of HiBoost repeaters.


Step 1. Step out of your house with your cell phone.
Step 2. Assure your mobile phone is not connected to Wi-Fi. (Wi-Fi is off on your phone)
Step 3. Check the cellular signal bars (you should have at least 2 bars) and the symbols in the status bar of your phone.

Table 1

Signal symbols and their correspondence to bands

Step 4.

  • Define the carrier and frequency according to this Table.
  • Define the bar rank and requested coverage area to select the repeater power.

Table 2

Note: we recommend you to download a mobile phone signal strength test tool (APP) Network Cell Info to get accurate signal quality.