Improve mobile signal for Vodafone in Ireland

Signal problems are unique for every operator everywhere all over the world. Of course, Vodafone provider is not an exception here. Buildings and some peculiarities (such as walls, etc.), distant location of base towers and some other external factors influence on the signal you have.

Let’s view the frequencies Vodafone in Ireland runs on and figure out what solutions exist.

This operator works on GSM 900 and GSM 1800 MHz – basic frequencies for voice transmission almost everywhere on each continent. The first one is preferable and is widely used, while the second one is used just to reduce “load” of GSM 900. But still you will encounter problems with signal even if you will stand in the center of Dublin. Don’t get upset and wait while someone will improve Vodafone signal for you. You can easily do it yourself. Just go here and choose the model that will boost GMS 900 and 1800 MHz signal.

Vodafone operator, of course, runs on 3G frequencies - UMTS 2100 MHz. As in case of GSM signal, these frequencies are also widely used by most operators in the world. And as in case described above, you will also somewhere encounter problems with 3G. It just doesn’t depend on you or provider. If you want to improve quality of signal, visit our page with 3G repeaters and choose a device according to your requirements.

You may catch Vodafone 4G signal in 6 cities and more than 500 towns all over the country. The operator runs on LTE 800 and 1800 MHz. Now it is the most widespread 4G signal on the island. But don’t be surprised if your signal will be poor in some areas. You just have to take it – no one can guarantee that everywhere and every time you will be with good Internet connection. Learn what models meet your needs and be sure you have stable and great 4G signal with Huaptec boosters.

Don’t wait while someone will improve situation with your signal! It’s just you who can easily change it. Just view all models we offer you and choose the booster that meets your requirements.