5 Reasons Why Huaptec

What makes you trust the product? Original production, reasonable balance of price and quality, brand? And what if we offer all in one?

Poor mobile signal occurs even today in the era of global smartphonization. And especially for the reason of such a large-scale phone use line breaks and slow 3G/4G Internet are so irritating. Either you face signal problem in the long-distance summer house or you can’t access mobile Internet in your underground based café, choose cell phone repeaters from Huaptec. Why Huaptec? 

We have years of cooperation experience with cellular providers; teams of top notch engineers, developers and managers in China, the USA, India and Europe; and, finally, a genuine desire to help you escape troubles in getting strong cellular coverage. Still hesitating? Let us announce 5 more compelling reasons.

1. Efficiency

Firstly, Huaptec mobile amplifiers are effective and, secondly, for all networks. High performance of the device is predetermined by its power (10-20 dBm) and gain (55-70dB), and these parameters are not just approximate numbers. Each model is accurately tested at spectrum monolyzer equipment, which checks if the device’s parameters are correct and correlate with the predetermined characteristics. In accordance with power and gain values the devices are able to cover areas from 10 (e.g. the correlating power index is 10 dB and gain is 60 dBm) up to 10000 sq.m.

Huaptec offers a huge selection of booster models. Each of them is adjusted to certain frequency bands, which allow mobile signal boosters support all existing networks, such as GSM, DCS, WCDMA, LTE, etc. In other words, Huaptec signal equipment improves calls and 3G/4G mobile Internet data (whether separately in single band models, or all of them at a time in dual, tri and quad band models), and is compatible with any cell phone operator of the world you may use.       

 2. Quality

Huaptec produces smart cellular signal enhancement systems. What lets us name them smart is their ability to work without noise and interference with base mobile stations. Such reliable protection is provided by innovative integrated circuits such as manual gain control and auto shut-off function. How exactly these functions work? They don’t let the system provide too strong signal amplification in rather well-covered area, preserving power balance between a base station and a cell phone.

To ensure always the same high quality of the product, we put each of it to multi-step control test. The test includes the following stages: solder - first time debug – clean – aging – debug – assemble – FQC inspection – package – OQC inspection. All in all multi-step control takes about a week. Only after the booster successfully passes all the stages, it’s ready to work for you.

3. Safety

Apart from passing multi-step control tests at the manufacture, all Huaptec repeaters are also certified for compliance with CE and RoHS requirements. The certifications are issued in most respected European laboratories, among which the famous Phoenix Test Lab in Germany. CE and RoHS compliance certifications announce that the equipment meets European safety and quality legislations and doesn’t contain hazardous substances harmful for humans and environment.

According to the international investigations a mobile booster reduces the mass of electromagnetic waves mobile phone emit by up to 60 times. It is easily explained by such an evidential fact that in poorly covered areas all mobile devices start automatically seraching for the network which results in huge energy consumption and heave irradiation. Cell phone repeater increases signal bars, letting your mobile phone have longer battery life and you live in healthier surroundings.  

4. Service

Huaptec is the international team of highly qualified multi-language professionals. Either you call or write us we’re glad to provide you with competent advice 24/7. We’re quick in reply for both pre- and post-sale questions, so you’ll get support upon any issue your question may concern.   

5. Delivery

We deliver our goods from our own European warehouses. Thanks to well-organized delivery management process and cooperation with most reputable express courier companies like DHL, THT, FedEx, etc., you’ll get your order quickly and always on time.

Are you convinced? So don’t lose time and put an end to all your connection problems with Huaptec now!  A bunch of saving mobile signal solutions are already waiting for you.