When You May Need a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Such an embarrassing situation when you turn out of the coverage in the least suitable moment. We bet you faced it not once in your life. On the weekend in a summer cottage, at work in the business center or just in your home mobile connection constantly let us down. Why does it happen and how to escape this? 

The main broadcasting stations of cell phone operators can provide with good signal only a limited number of users, and to extend the coverage they apply additional broadcasting antennas. The maximum distance at which broadcasting antenna works is 30 km, moreover, area terrain hugely impact its efficiency. Apart from this all mobile operators work at certain frequencies within the range from 800 to 2600 MH. The operators buy their working frequencies from European communications bodies. As a result, larger providers with serious budgets like Vodafone or O2 have a chance to cover more area than smaller ones like Three and others.

Huaptec international command of highly-qualified managers and top engineers has worked for years to offer you an effective solution for poor signal coverage – a mobile signal booster. It’s rather simple but hi-tech device that offsets the coverage shortage by repeating or copying strong mobile signals from outside and broadcasting them to your mobile phone. Let’s see when you may really need a cell phone signal booster.  

Out of the city

Mobile connection in the suburbs or somewhat farther from the city often leaves much to be desired. It’s easily explained by the location of your house at a too   large distance from the base mobile station. In other words, mobile signal just   can’t reach your place, making you come outside to make a call or surf 3G       mobile Internet. If your country is in some mountainous or coastal area, the terrain may also badly influence the coverage. The land itself interferes with cell phone signal strength and becomes an obstacle for smooth mobile connection.

In the city

It’s strange but true that you appear to be out of coverage in urban areas, the areas which seem to be provided with good signal best of all. Remember how you lose connection when you enter a business center or a saloon located underground? Such signal problems can be crucially important for business owners and their clients. The reason is that heavily built-up zones with too many walls and windows make it hard for mobile signal to come through. Buildings standing close to each other also create shielding effect because of which the signals like sun rays are reflected from their surface.   

In the car

Weak cell phone signal may also disturb you when you’re going by car. You can’t accept or make a call unless you go though a zone with poor coverage, and what if a million deal is on or you get into trouble? Areas which become unreachable for signal are mostly those ones located in lowlands or again too far from the operator’s broadcasting station.

Wherever you lack strong signal reception, Huaptec has an efficient booster solution for exactly your case. We offer a wide range of cell phone signal boosters for all kinds of indoor areas and cell phone operators. Just contact us and we provide you with competent assistance, which repeater meets your needs best.