Buyer Guide

We’re happy you’re willing to buy a booster in our online store. To make your purchase easiest possible we prepared a brief guide over its main stages. Read it below and take pleasure in buying with us.

  • Choose a booster

There’re three main ways how you can choose the right booster. The first and the easiest one is our helpful application Booster Finder. All you have to do is to fill in thee parameters (you country, provider, coverage area) and the finder will generate the most suitable model range according to your personal requirements in seconds.

The second way is ready-made solutions.  Go down the home page a bit and pick the area where you need more signal bars by clicking on the corresponding picture. On the following page you’ll be offered to define what you’re going to improve with your kit – calls, 3G, 4G data or all of them.

And the last way to choose the booster is Product tab in the upper menu. Here you can choose the model by networks you’re eager to boost – voice, 3G, 4G data and voice+3G/4G. On the Product page you can use a filter, a very convenient additional instrument for finding your model. Just drag the cursor of each parameter to the right or left in accordance with your requirements and the filter will generate the list of booster models which fit you.  

  • Buy the booster

After you fix on a booster model which meets your requirements best of all, click red button “Add to cart”. Feel the moment, you’re about to obtain an efficient cell phone signal solution! In the cart you can check what booster model or models you’ve chosen and decrease the number of the ordered items if necessary. You can also add a third guarantee year by putting a tick opposite the corresponding option. If you’re ready to proceed to payment, click “Next” and you’ll be redirected to CCNow billing page. Here you’re to fill in all the required information regarding payment method and delivery. Check all the data provided a few times and end up with clicking “Buy Now”. Hooray, no more signal problems in your place – you bought a mobile signal booster!

  • Receive your booster

As soon as we receive your payment, you’ll get a confirmation e-mail from us, where you should check if you ordered the product(s) you were meant to and if your delivery address is correct. Then we get down to dispatch and in about one day your product will be packed and got prepared for shipping. Within another 2-5 days your order will be delivered directly into your hands. From that time on you’re the owner of Huaptec cell phone signal repeater. Congratulations!