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HiBoost Hi23-ED

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  • Networks: EGSM/GSM/UMTS 900 + DCS/LTE 1800 MHz
  • Coverage: large areas up to 3000 m2
  • LCD Display
  • Sure voice and reliable 4G data service
  • All-in-one solution in a single kit
  • Advanced noise and mobile operator protection
  • CE- and RoHS-certified
  • Full duplex
  • Aperçu

    Choose smart way to gain quality mobile connection! Mobile phone signal amplifier HiBoost Hi23-ED is a professional device that will bring your cellular signal up to 5 bars and provide mobile service you can rely on. The booster is extremely powerful to cover huge indoor areas up to 3000 m2, such as a shopping mall, hypermarket, business center, hotel, subway, school, etc.

    Hi23-ED repeater self-adjusts best performance in 30 seconds after you turn it on. It comes equipped with real-time LCD display and advanced protection circuit against noise and cellular operators’ interference.

    Buy this signal amplifier now and reach new heights with upgraded mobile connection!

    *Mind that you should have rather good signal reception (2-3 bars) outside the house to ensure efficient coverage improvement. Building construction and its design peculiarities also influence the quality of signal amplification.

    **The higher dBm number, the more powerful signal is spread.


    HiBoost Smart Functions

    AGC and MGC

    HiBoost Hi23-ED is powered by smart AGC function or automatic gain control. AGC identifies the strength of the outdoor mobile signal reception and balances booster power according to this value. This way it establishes a stable balance with a cell tower avoiding the risk of overlapping mobile operators’ network.

    Thanks to MGC circuit you will be able to regulate booster gain manually. The function is mostly suitable for technically savvy users.

    LCD Display

    LCD display renders booster maintenance easy and convenient. It shows the main booster parameters such as frequency, gain and output power in real time and helps to keep watch on current system performance. LCD is also of great assistance in installation. You can try different positions of the outdoor antenna having look at the screen at the same time. The position at which the display will the highest gain value on the display, will be the best for outdoor antenna mounting.

    Safe and Healthy

    Certifications CE and RoHS

    All Huaptec boosters are officially claimed to be compliant with the European CE and RoHS health and safety standards. The amplifiers passed the corresponding tests in the accredited test laboratory Phoenix test Lab in Germany and were issued CE and RoHS certifications. 

    CE – Mandatory conformity marking for products sold within the European Economic Area since 1985. It proves that your product fulfills EU-wide safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

    RoHS – The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2002/95/EC. It restricts the use of six hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment: Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), Hexavalent chromium (Cr6+), Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE).

    Longer Phone Battery Life

    In spite of being extremely powerful HiBoost Hi23-ED reduces excessive radiation your mobile phone emits. If signal is poor in your area, your mobile device continuously searches for a strong signal and produces heavy electromagnetic emissions. Accordingly, in the area with strong coverage you mobile phone communicates with signal in a proper way which prolongs your mobile phone life and renders your home or work environment healthier.

    What is dBm?

    dBm is an abbreviation that stands for power ratio (in decibels) of the measured power. The higher dBm number, the more powerful signal is spread.

    Thus, 23 dBm is more powerful than 13 dBm. This means not only larger coverage area, but also signal ability to go through walls, floors, etc.

    What are EGSM 900 MHz and LTE/DCS 1800 MHz?

    EGSM 900 MHz is a mobile network used to transfer voice signal from a cell tower to your mobile phone. EGSM in new version of good old GSM network extended for additional 10 MHz. A few years ago the majority of mobile operators used GSM 900 MHz to provide calls to their customers. Now all of them perform voice service on EGSM network. EGSM 900 propagates signal both in urban and rural areas, though there’re natural and artificial barriers that sometimes prevent the signal from coming inside your property.  

    DCS 1800 MHz (or GSM 1800) is a second voice network on which mobile operators transmit voice signal to your phones. The majority of mobile operators use it in addition to GSM 900 predominantly for urban areas.

    1800 MHz is also a frequency for LTE network for high-speed 4G data transmission. LTE 1800 is easy to get in cities, while it can often be rather poor or even inaccessible in rural areas.

    HiBoost Hi23-ED boosts mobile connection at EGSM/GSM/UMTS 900 MHz and DCS/LTE 1800 MHz frequencies at a time. This dual band model guarantees clear voice conversations and speedy 4G data download at a time. 

  • Paramètres
 des fréquences
    MGC ( Atténuation d'étape )
    ≥ 31dB / 1dB step, dip switch control
    Adjust automatic, with auto shut off function
    Contrôle du niveau automatique
    ≥ 51dB
    ≤ 2
    Retard de groupe
    Paramètres mécaniques
    Port E/S
    218*135*50 mm
    Poids de le kit
    4,59 kg
    Poids du booster
    1,065 kg
    Paramètres électriques
    Alimentation Entrée
    Input AC100~240V.50/60Hz, Output DC12V/3A
    50 ohm
    Paramètres de l'environnement
    Température de fonctionnement
    Humidité relative
    5% - 95%
    Pression barométrique
    55 kPa -106 kPa
    Conditions de l'environment
  • Mobile signal booster Hi23-ED comes in a full kit with all the components in a single kit. The system is plug-and-play and you'll manage to mount it even wiithout professional assistance in 4 easy steps.

    STEP 1. Fix the outdoor antenna in the point with best signal reception outside your house (e.g. on the roof, outside the window).

    STEP 2. Mount the booster and the indoor antenna inisde the area where you need to improve signal.

    STEP 3. Connect antennas and the booster with cables.

    STEP 4. Plug in the booster to a power supply and enjoy crystal clear calls and blazing fast data speed! The system self-adjusts best parameters for your area in 30 seconds after the start.

  • HiBoost Hi23-ED REVIEWS
    United Kingdom,  
    Stable and powerful

    Great improvement in a huge building. I was very skeptical about it. But now I see how wrong I was

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Prix :
1298 €
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