Digital Mobile Signal Repeater

DS37 Single

Garanti 2 Ans
Expédition internationale
Livraison en 2 à 5 jours
  • Networks: EGSM/DCS/WCDMA/LTE800/LTE1800/LTE2600 
  • Coverage: up to 7000 m2
  • ETSI and 3GPP 3GPP2 technical standards
  • Multi-band and multi-channel
  • MGC and AGC functions
  • Local and remote control software (optional)
  • Aperçu

    Huaptec DS37 is a high power and high gain digital mobile repeater, used to optimize network coverage of mobile operators. The equipment suports 8 sub-bands and 12 channel and works only within the adjusted bandwidth, not interfering with others. Thanks to SDR technology the system is totally adaptable. If the operator change or broadens its bandwidth, DS37 will automatically readjust it.

    Digital mobile booster Huaptec DS37 covers large indoor areas (tunnels, airports, subways, railway stations, shopping malls, etc.) and outdoor rural and urban zones up to 7000 sq.m.

    Choose for your digital mobile repeater:

    One network: EGSM/DCS/WCDMA/LTE800/LTE1800/LTE2600


    1) SAW filter technology
    Digital mobile repeater enhances only those signals which a certain mobile operator supports. The filter ensures strict band differentiation and rejection of the other operators’ sub-bands.

    2) Noise control
    Thanks to channel and band selectivity, noise level of Huaptec DS37 is exceptionally low. More simple systems which support all frequencies within one band, increase noise greately and risk of interferance with other mobile operators.  

    3) Automatic gain/level control (AGC&MGC)
    AGC and MGC circuits ensure automatic or manual adjustment of the system gain, depending on the strength of incoming cellular signal. It helps to proide more accurate cell phone coverage improvement and eliminate interference with other networks.

    4) Auto shut-off
    In case of serious self-oscillation, the mobile repeater will automatically shut off. It makes the system more transparent and dicreases the risk of interference with other operators’ networks.

    5) OMT and OMC (Optional)
    With the help of  OMT and OMC software it's easy to monitor from 100 boosters (OMT) to 3000 units (OMC) at a time. Pay your attention, that these remote control software are optional and available upon client request. 

  • Paramètres
 des fréquences
    Largeur de bande
    Available upon request
    MGC ( Atténuation d'étape )
    ≥ 31dB / 1dB step
    ≥ 30dB
    Facteur de bruit
    Typical ≤ 6dB
    Typical ≤ 1.5
    Retard de groupe
    ≤ 8μs
    Alarme LED
    LED de puissance
    Power indicator
    LED du contrôle ALC
    Orange @ ALC 1~5dB, Red @ ALC 20dB~25dB
    Contrôle Local
    PC via USB or Ethernet Port
    Contrôle distant
    Via SMS or GPRS
    Paramètres contrôlés
    Gain, Frequency, Repeater ON/OFF, Alarm Enable, etc.
    Contrôler les paramètres
    Gain, Frequency, Repeater ON/OFF, Alarm message, etc.
    Articles détectés
    Repeater Failure, DC Failure, ALC Alarm, PLL Failure
    Paramètres mécaniques
    Port E/S
    450*316*181 mm
    Poids du booster
    20 KG
    Paramètres électriques
    Alimentation Entrée
    Input AC90~264V
    50 ohm
    Paramètres de l'environnement
    Température de fonctionnement
    Humidité relative
    5% - 95%
    Conditions de l'environment
    Pression barométrique
    55 kPa -106 kPa
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